We did it!

It is with pleasure and excitement that I can announce that after several years of meeting and 9 months of looking for a house, a mortgage and investors, learning a lot about solicitors and all sorts of words and technical language, we did it!!

Kindling was able to Complete (complete the purchase) on our first home located on a sleepy street between Cowley Centre and Rose Hill on the 9th September at the end of a whirlwind week before half the members disappeared off on holidays and work trips around the world.


After we moved in many members have been away or are still away – we have even yet to sit down and enjoy more than a single meal all together. So this update comes a little later than we would have liked – it has been a very busy time.


We have been tearing up carpets to find beautiful wooden floors and getting excited about being able to plan exactly how we want to live together, what our home will be like and carefully choosing to not load the house full of stuff but to bring only useful or beautiful things into the house. We have been meeting our neighbours gradually and strengthening our muscles cycling up a hill every day. There are many plants and spices to be found places and sorted as we breathe life and energy into our new home.



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