Subletting vacancy between ~July and September 2024

We are currently looking for a new temporary housemate at Kindling Housing Co-operative, located in south-east Oxford between Rose Hill and Cowley. We have one room available at £520 per month plus bills for someone to move in the beginning of July until the End of September, although we can be flexible within these dates.

If you, or anyone you know is looking for a room please see the info below. To apply, please fill in this application form.

Application Deadline: 7th April 2024, 23:59! Interviews will be held during the week commencing the 15th April.



* a well-maintained homely house

* a beautiful double room

* a group of wonderful housemates

* security and affordable rent, low bills

* no landlord, no agency

* a front and back garden

* bicycle shed

We founded Kindling in 2014 because we were fed up with the housing situation in Oxford and were keen to prove that it is still possible to start new housing cooperatives (even in the least affordable cities in the country!) For more info on our coop:

Our members –

1. prefer living communally and are passionate about the cooperative movement;

2. are friends and enjoy contributing to each other’s well-being;

3. are tolerant and communicate honestly, openly, and respectfully;

4. are engaged in struggling to change society;

5. believe in the need to challenge power relations in society and personally;

6. don’t discriminate against any social/cultural group and are queer friendly;

7. agree to a vegetarian household which cares about ethical food – all communal meals are vegetarian with a vegan option;

8. commit time and enthusiasm to the coop and share tasks and responsibilities fairly;

9. are committed to minimising their waste and energy consumption;

10. agree with our coop’s ‘secondary rules’*.

*Subject to change through collective agreement

Do you like the sound of our home and do you fit our member profile? Fill out an application form or get in touch with us at, if you would like more information first.

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In addition to what can be seen on the picture, the room has a beautiful wooden closet as well as a standing desk.

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