A Party for a Coop…

What a glorious surprise to be invited to an event and then discover that the organisers have decided to give all the donations to Kindling Coop. The event was at the Folly on Abingdon road and was put on by the Mike Woodin Green Trust. Some of our members decided to go along – what a lovely way to spend a Friday night together with music and a cocktail. Wonderful to find out that a friend sings and has a really gorgeous voice and to be in a beautiful buzzy venue with lots of Oxford faces. It is exciting to speak to new people about our housing coop and to know that the word is getting out and spreading.

We had a wonderful launch night at the Turl Street Kitchen last month, with a presentation about housing coops and really exciting discussions about our housing needs in Oxford and an exciting activity to close with some actual kindling to start a fire in the belly of Oxfords housing movement. We are currently waiting to hear whether our first offer has been accepted on a house that we really love and gently getting pledges for investments. We have just sat down and ordered some business cards after our weekly meeting dinner and we are enjoying some tea. To find out more about investing go here.


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