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Kindling Housing Coop

Kindling is the first new housing co-operative to set up in Oxford in over 15 years. We recently purchased a house in East Oxford. The co-operative grew from a network of 20 individuals currently living, working and privately renting in Oxford who wish to take control of their housing situation and create a secure, affordable, low-impact, collectively owned and managed home together.

Today, Kindling and its new home is made up of six full members, including social entrepreneurs, campaigners and designers involved in a range of environmental and social justice causes. We wish to live in a non-hierarchical and ecologically sustainable way.

Kindling Housing Co-operative has been established not only to house its current members, but to also build a new network of housing co-ops in Oxford that will provide a safe, stable and supportive environment for generations of politically and socially active individuals.

  • Affordability

    making housing afforable for all

  • Security

    ensuring security for tenants

  • Sustainable

    enabling sustainable living

  • Democratic control

    an equal say for every member

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